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Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at the St Andrews Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 1608 Baker Court, Panama City. Meetings will again be in person, but we will also provide live Zoom coverage for those unable to attend in person.
    Meetings are open to the public.  You do not have to be a member to attend. 

  Sept 13 Neil Lamb: "Pelagic Birds"  

  Oct 11 Jim Moyers, biologist at Panama City Beach Conservation Park: "The Park" 

  Nov 8 Fred Bassett, from Montgomery: on Hummingbirds  

  Dec 13 Christmas Party

  Jan 10 Dr. Caroline Stahala, Audubon Florida's Seabird-Shorebird Panhandle Program Manager, will present a talk on "Local Seabird and Shorebird Conservation: How Coastal Birds need our Help". 

  Feb 14 Scott Robinson, Park Manager, St. Andrews State Park, presents on the status of the Park and major improvements occurring.

  Mar 14 Ricky Cassell, Audubon Florida regional staff, "The Amazing Amazon: reflections on a January 2022 trek"
Ricky Cassell has been working hard to organize this year's program for Shorebird Stewardship. At this meeting he would like to change directions a bit and discuss a recent trip to the Amazon that he took before the beginning of Shorebird nesting season in the Panhandle which officially began on February 15th.

  March 30 - April 3 "The Nature Connection" (See Below)

  Apr 11 Anne Dimonti, Director, Audubon Society of Rhode Island: "Tales about Whales"; election of 2022-2023 BCAS Officers
With a 30 year commitment to marine conservation, Anne DiMonti has spent the last 20 years employed with Audubon Society of RI where she began as an Education Specialist and rose to her current position as Director of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island Nature Center and Aquarium in Bristol, RI. In addition to her other responsibilities as Center Director, Anne also develops and directs collaborations within the marine and maritime community to advance the Society’s ocean conservation efforts.

May 9 End of Year Banquet with Installation of Officers and Conservationist of the Year Award. Please join us for our Annual Banquet and last meeting of the 2021-2022 season. The purpose of this meeting is to share a delicious meal, install our new officers that were elected during the April meeting, and to recognize the recipient of the Conservationist of the Year Award. Scenes of the year in review, compiled by Donna Cronwell, will be shown during the meal. This year marks the return to our covered dish dinner format. Panama City Commissioner Josh Street will perform the installation of officers! 
    Please bring your favorite side dish, appetizer, or dessert. Please contact Teri Floore at 1-850-704-7720 to coordinate the meal and may be able to offer suggestions. Co-President Pam Overmyer will provide a ham as the entrée (a vegetarian option will also be available). Beverages will also be provided.
    We will meet in person with no Zoom for this meeting. Physical distancing will be observed, and all are encouraged to wear masks. This is our last meeting until September. Please join us for food and friendship.

Nature Connection 2022 

Bay County Audubon Society announces its "Nature Connection 2022" Program, highlighting two Nature-themed events: an art and photography competition open to the public, and a featured presentation by famed birder, author and penguin expert Noah Strycker. These events are part of Audubon's community-based Program from March 30 to April 2, offering Nature-inspired aesthetic, educational and outdoors opportunities for our residents. It follows the inaugural Nature Connection program in February 2020 with National Geographic cinematographer Bob Poole presenting his program "Nature Roars Back". Ticket and sponsorship information is provided at the end.

  Art/Photography Competition Friday April 1 at the Panama City Center for the Arts

The day before Noah's main presentation, Friday April 1, Bay County Audubon, hosted by Bay Arts Alliance, will present a juried art and photography competition/exhibition at the Panama City Center for the Arts, Harrison and 4th. With Center hours from 5 pm to 7:30 pm, this inaugural Audubon Nature-themed event is open to local artists and photographers, including residents of Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Walton and Washington counties, with one or two entries per person, and works must have been created on or after April 1, 2018. Categories include Birds, the Animal Kingdom, and Landscapes, prizes and awards in each. There is a youth (under 18) division. The PC Center for the Arts will accept contest entries on March 18 and 19 until 4 pm. Rules for the event are found below this article, Panama City Center for the Arts Facebook page and Bay Arts Alliance Facebook pages. This is an opportunity for amateur artists and photography buffs to present their two favorite Nature creations for all to appreciate! The pieces will remain on display through April 23 for public consideration. Mayor Brudnicki will issue a proclamation at 5:30 pm to the assembled participants and public recognizing the importance of our relationship with Nature and to kick off "Earth Month", leading up to Earth Day April 22. 

"Big Year 2015" Presentation by Noah Strycker on Saturday April 2 at the FSU Holley Center

                                                                        The Program's main event is being held at the Holley Center at the FSU campus on Saturday                                                                         April 2 and features Noah Strycker, author of five books, penguin expert, and birding                                                                         aficionado, who will give a narrated photo and video production about his "Big Year 2015". And                                                                         indeed it was a Big Year! He will share his extraordinary journey to 41 countries on seven                                                                         continents, traveling over 100,000 miles, identifying 6,042 bird species in a calendar year, a                                                                         world record. Noah planned this remarkable Nature vision quest on his own, contacting                                                         `                          hundreds of people whom he had never met from different cultures, diverse languages, and                                                                         imposing landscapes, who took him in, and then out to their favorite birding spots. A                                                                         remarkable story awaits us. 

                                                                        Preceding his presentation, and with doors opening at 4:30 pm, we will offer a catered buffet                                                                         menu from Edgewater Resorts starting at 5 pm; cash bar; entertainment (noted local string                                                                         quartet); art, including penguin art from Bay elementary students and professional art and                                                                         photography displays. The main program will begin at 6:30 pm with an awards ceremony for                                                                         elementary school Penguin Art Contest winners and their parents, with awards being                                                                         presented by Stefanie Gall and Paul Brent. There will then be a short presentation by Cynthia                                                                         McCauley to recognize the Chautauqua School students' recent learning adventure to southern                                                                         Chile and the Antarctic environs. Finally Audubon Florida staff will update us on the status of                                                                         our local shorebirds, particularly the snowy plover. Then, at 6:50 pm, Noah will deliver the main                                                                         presentation about his world-wide, record-setting tour de force birding journey. After his formal                                                                         presentation, Noah will entertain questions from the audience. "Birding Without Borders,"                                                                         Noah's book about this journey, will be available for purchase for those interested in a deeper                                                                         dive. To learn more about Noah please see

Net proceeds from our Nature Connection Program will be "recycled" through our Chapter's educational outreach programs, with primary emphasis on the Bay Education Foundation, through which our Chapter will support classroom grants from teachers desiring financial assistance for Nature-related projects. Your support will help our youth learn and experience Nature in our schools.

Tickets include General Admission, which start at $25 ($20 for seniors; $10 for students), and only includes Noah's 6:30 pm main program. For $65 one can enjoy the earlier events discussed above, doors open at 4:30 pm, with catered buffet menu, cash bar, quartet selections, and art and photography displays. Sponsorship tickets start at $175 for two persons, and include in addition a bird walk with Noah. Other pricing/sponsorship levels shown below.  Please contact Brian Dusseault directly at to purchase tickets or call 850-832-7579

To conclude, here's a few words from Noah's book "Birding Without Borders", in which he reflects on the meaning of his 2015 'round-the-world venture:

"My greatest lesson was that birding is a nearly universal interest, represented even in the farthest corners of the Earth. The future of birds on our planet is uncertain, but with so many people who care, I can't help but be optimistic. But working together across all kinds of borders, we can help make sure the next generation enjoy birds, too." 

For any questions and ticket/sponsorship information, contact Brian Dusseault at or 850-832-7579. 
Nature Connection 2022
Bay County Audubon - Bay Arts Alliance  
   1st Annual Arts & Photography 
Exhibition & Competition

Friday April 1, 2022 @ PC Center for the Arts
Doors open at 5p, winners announced at 6:30p

Rules & Guidance for Participants

Quick Date Summary: Art Intake March 18, 10a - 6p, and 
March 19, 10a – 4p. 
  Art displayed from April 1 - April 23.
  Art Pickup April 26, 27, 28, 10a - 5p

1. The Bay Audubon - Bay Arts Alliance 1st annual Fine Arts and Photography Exhibition & Competition includes all fine art media and all types of photography. The Theme is NATURE as further explained in paragraph 9 below. All entries must be original works, not reproductions, created or taken in the past four years (since April 1, 2018), and not previously exhibited in a competition at the PC Center for the Arts.

2. Entry pieces are limited to two per person. This event is open to all residents of the following Florida counties: Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Walton, and Washington, for both amateurs and professionals.

3. Framed sizes for entries:
            A. FOR ART: 1) For 2D-works, one or both pieces cannot exceed 36” on any side, with one of those not to exceed 60” on any side.  
            Any work over 22” by 30” must be reinforced and braced top to bottom and/or side to side. 
            2) For 3D-works, the piece must be able to fit through a doorway 81” in height by 46” in width. no entry may exceed 50 pounds in weight. 
            All 3D  works must have a display base. PC Center for the arts has a limited number of display bases available, so please reserve them ahead of time.
            B. FOR PHOTOGRAPHS: entries may be not be larger than 24” by 36”, including matting and framing, except that a second entry may be sized not to             exceed 60” by 16” (Panorama shape), including matting and framing. Series prints must be mounted within a single frame and must stay within the             stated maximum framed size to be counted as one entity. Works must be submitted in plain black, silver, or white frames. Photos may be printed on             any quality photo, metallic or fine art paper; and on canvas, aluminum, acrylic, wood or other generally accepted substrates.

4. All Photography must have standard picture framing wire securely attached to the backside. We discourage the use of lightweight plastic frames as they disassemble when displayed. Gold trim or ornate framing materials will not be accepted. If there is a question of frame suitability, please contact Bay Arts Alliance before intake for clarification and/or permission to enter an unusual frame or matting, or question of color discrepancy. 

5. All wall art pieces, with or without frames, must be securely wired and ready to display.

6. No entries may depict copyrighted images, characters, or logos, unless the copyright is owned by the artist. The only exception is if it is a parody, which is allowed under the “Fair Use” policy.

7. Entries will be received at the PC Center for the Arts on Friday March 18 from 10 am through 5 pm and on Saturday March 19 from 10 am through 4 pm. 

8. The entry fee for one or two works is $30.00 for adults. The fee for one or two works in the youth division (less than 18 years of age) is $10.00. Fees will be collected at the time of intake, and may be paid with cash, by check or by credit card. 

9. Categories: The Theme is NATURE: 
                            1) Birds.
                            2) The Animal Kingdom: vertebrates including, for example, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, mammals; 
                            and invertebrates, including, for example, insects, spiders, octopuses, squids, lobsters; 
                            and plants, 
                            3) Landscapes, if Nature is the main theme.

10. Works will be juried prior to judging; winning entries will be notified via phone, so provide current phone number on attached label.

11. Awards will be announced at the PC Center for the Arts on April 1 at 6:30 pm.

12. One Award (other than for youth division) will be given for overall “Best in Show” ($500 prize); then, for each of the three Art categories and for the three Photography categories, 1st and 2d place ($100 and $75 prizes, respectively); followed by discretionary Honorable Mentions and Merit Awards. For the Youth division, there will be one “Best in Show” ($120), 1st and 2d place ($70 and $40, respectively); followed by discretionary honorable mentions and merit awards. Checks will be presented to those present, or mailed or delivered afterward. 

13. Sales are encouraged. All entries must be valued for insurance, even if marked “NFS” (Not For Sale) or Donation. Bay Arts Alliance gratefully retains a commission of 30% for all works sold. The price listed on the entry form must include this commission. The PC Center for the Arts will handle all sales. All art will remain on display for the duration of the Exhibition/Competition (through Saturday April 23). Artists and Photographers whose works sell will be compensated within two weeks of the closing date.

14. It is recommended that all entrants carry their own insurance. All reasonable care will be taken with all works. All participants agree to hold harmless Bay Arts Alliance and the National Audubon Society, its affiliates, principals and assigns, including its local chapter Bay County Audubon Society. In the event of liability, Bay Arts Alliance will indemnify the artist and photographer for the materials cost up to $200 on a case by case basis. Your entry into this event constitutes agreement with these terms. Bay Arts Alliance will not be responsible for damage incurred during transit or after the show ends.

15. Your entry into this event constitutes permission for the PC Center for the Arts to photograph or reproduce any and all works in the exhibit for the purposes of advertising, publicity and/or archival records, without compensation to the artist.

16. Any works not meeting the specifications set forth in this notice will be rejected. Bay Arts Alliance reserves the right to reject any art piece or photograph which it deems unsuitable or inappropriate for this event. Nudes are acceptable. Graphic violence and/or lewd sexual content are prohibited.

17. At the sole discretion of Bay Arts Alliance, in the event it determines that the number of juried items exceed the display capacity of the PC Center for the Arts galleries, Bay Arts Alliance may utilize nearby facilities (typically one block or less distance away) to exhibit the “overflow” art and photographs, and will inform or notify the public of that situation in a manner it deems reasonable in order to facilitate viewing of those pieces at the satellite locations.